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React Native news from last week

Posted on:September 10, 2019

Last week was a great week for the react-native ecosystem. we saw some great announcements form react-native Europe and core team members that would make react native development more enjoyable.

In case you missed it, this is a small post that covers almost all news and announcements from the last week.

React native 0.61 release candidate with fast refresh :

Fast refresh is a “hot reloading” alternative feature and it should be as reliable as a full refresh but the feedback loop is fast.

Flipper with React Native :

Flipper is a great developer tool for debugging mobile apps. This tool is shipped with react-native 62. But you can use it today with your existing Application, thanks to the amazing Parashuram’s blog post.

Component-first Navigation :

React Navigation 5.0 (alpha) has been released and offer a new way to navigate in React Native with a dynamic component-based API.

On the wave of RN navigation announcements, the amazing Krzysztof Magi release rn-screens@2.0.0-alpha including support for native nav stack primitives (e.g., UINavViewController)

Microsoft is working on bringing React Native to Mac :

During react Native Europe, Microsoft demonstrates how they use react-native with Office suite to build cross-platform new features. And they announced that they are working on bringing React Native to Mac too.

Formik native :

The great Jared Palmer will publish on the next few weeks a native formik version with scroll/focus/keyboard management by default.

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