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Choose the right React Native Navigation library

If you ever had a chance to program a mobile app, you would have probably noticed that there are two major components that are mostly used: “Lists” and “navigation”. Therefore, mastering those two components is quite crucial in a way that they will spare you many challenging problems during your…

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The missing piece in the beginner’s guides : React Native

This article was originally published on the Obytes blog . For the past few months, I have been working with Barmej ’s team to build a mobile app using React native . It occurred to me to write this helpful article about this project and share my perspective, ideas and some answers to the…

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How to create your own auto direct message Twitter bot for free 💬

Creating a welcome message for your new followers in Twitter is the first step to getting more people to engage with your tweets and links. As you might know, there are many online services that help you send auto direct messages (DMs) to your new followers. But I think it’s crazy how online…

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Create a fancy burger menu using reactjs-popup

This article is a step by step tutorial to create a simple burger menu for your website by using reactjs-popup Reactjs-popup is a new and simple react popup component built using react fragments which is one of the new features that comes with react 16. And it can handle multiple use cases.By using…

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